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Dual listings in Germany (Frankfurt / Berlin / Stuttgart) – is it worth it?

Many public companies from outside Germany (especially Canada) have a second/dual listing at one of the German exchanges: Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Berlin etc. But is it worth it? There are huge numbers of stocks with no trading volume at all, they are neither known to institutional ┬áinvestors nor to private/retail investors. In this cases, the listings are useless. (more…)

CASL: What if I send messages abroad?

As eCommerce fosters massively trade across borders there are many Canadian companies which also send emails overseas. For those CASL has some nice surprises: (more…)

Useful Links about CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation)

Today I would like to provide you with some useful links about CASL. As this legislation is still an ongoing process please always have a look at the date of the articles: (more…)

United Deals Inc. – just started

United Deals Inc. is a newly founded online marketing agency & consultancy in Toronto, Canada. (more…)