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Investor Relations Germany

One of our specialties is advising online investor relations campaigns in Germany.

There are many Canadian companies (small and midcaps) which decided on a dual listing on German stock exchanges to attract German investors. But of course this is not enough, because hardly any investor knows this company or will invest in its shares. We can change this!

Don’t forget private investors!
Therefore, you need campaigns to draw investors’ attention to your stocks. Usually, you first think of doing roadshows with institutional investors, which is of course a very important measure. But it also makes sense to attract private investors because

– it provides continuous trading volume,
– if you attract many private investors, you can also place significant amounts of shares, and
– this will also make your institutional investor more comfortable when investing in your stocks.

Proven to be most efficient: online marketing campaigns
The most efficient way to attract a broad number of private investors is via online marketing. We have already created really big online campaigns, which placed up to CAD 12,000,000 of a midcap bond entirely with small private investors. This example was the biggest online marketing campaign on financial instruments in the last 5 years in Germany. Of course most of the campaigns are smaller, but this example shows the huge potential which lies in private investors.

For those campaigns there are two main success factors:
– to have a good equity story, and
– to have a perfect targeting of the campaigns.

We can help you in both fields.

But where we can offer absolutely unique insights is the targeting of the campaigns: We have known all the websites, newsletters, apps etc. about financial markets in Germany for many years. And – even more important – we also know their quality from personal experience, because there are huge differences. There might be two newsletters of the same size – one works perfectly for these campaigns, the other does not. And that is what we know.

You want to improve your investor relations campaign? Call or email us today!

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