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Online Marketing Germany

You may ask: What is so special about Online Marketing in Germany? And maybe you think the online marketing measures like SEM, email, display-campaigns etc. are all the same everywhere in the world.
You are right: they work similar but you always should localize your campaigns to become efficient, or just to avoid legal trouble.

Online Marketing in Germany – examples where we can help

– analyzing the market conditions and your competitors
– providing you a fast track to reliable local business partners like: ad platforms for your products, IT-support, legal counsel, etc.
– meeting legal requirements (e.g. the very restrictive privacy law in Germany)
– meeting language requirements (keywords, creating ads, etc.)
– providing you with background knowledge about the players in the Google display network which are important for your business

We have the German experience!

We know Germany extremely well because we are a part of the German eCommerce industry. Our founder, Sebastian Hahn, and also our team members have gained significant experience when working for major online businesses in Germany.
So if you are from a Canadian company which would like to expand your business in Germany, we are the perfect business partner for you. Our long established business relations to major players in the German internet industry enables us to deliver best in class results.

If you want to enter the German market: Call or email us today!

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