Dual listings in Germany (Frankfurt / Berlin / Stuttgart) – is it worth it?

Many public companies from outside Germany (especially Canada) have a second/dual listing at one of the German exchanges: Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Berlin etc. But is it worth it? There are huge numbers of stocks with no trading volume at all, they are neither known to institutional ¬†investors nor to private/retail investors. In this cases, the listings are useless. (more…)

CASL: Aims and Results

To avoid over-regulation, it is always important to consider the aims of specific legislation first, so you can later evaluate whether the legislation is efficient, i.e. fulfills its purpose, or not.

Because we know the final regulations of CASL now, it is a good time to analyse them with reference to the aims of the legislation. (more…)

CASL: What if I send messages abroad?

As eCommerce fosters massively trade across borders there are many Canadian companies which also send emails overseas. For those CASL has some nice surprises: (more…)

CASL – Exemptions: Ripping off business owners

There are quite a few things in the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation which are worth complaining about, because CASL reduces competitiveness of Canadian businesses. But today, I would like to write a few thoughts on the technical design of CASL and in particular on the exemptions of its general prohibition of commercial emails. (more…)

Useful Links about CASL (Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation)

Today I would like to provide you with some useful links about CASL. As this legislation is still an ongoing process please always have a look at the date of the articles: (more…)

CASL – what does it really mean to your business?

CASL stands for the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, which is now almost finalized and will come into force in 2014. There are various articles about this law and its details, but when it comes to the point, “What does this mean to your business?” all of these articles more or less leave¬†many questions open – or at least in doubt. Within the last six years, I have had my focus on German regulations (which are quite strict) and its development, and can tell you from personal experience what several of these CASL measures will cause for your business (as I know what they caused in Germany). (more…)

United Deals Inc. – just started

United Deals Inc. is a newly founded online marketing agency & consultancy in Toronto, Canada. (more…)